Iris Borràs Anglada

Iris was deeply inspired from a young age by her grand uncle Francesc Todó (1922-2016), a renown painter from the Catalan Modernity movement.  

His works influenced greatly Iris' curiosity for composition and her ongoing research in intricate detailing. 
She was lucky to make a retrospective of his works during her studies in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and research and gather information before his loss. 

From there Iris undertook a brilliant training in world known institutions for dance and began her career in the industry in 2015. She has performed in different companies and projects (Kor'sia Compañia de Danza, Richard Chappell Dance, Produccio Nacional de Dansa 2018). Currently she works for companies in Spain and United Kingdom.
But aside from her dancing career Iris was always keen to develop and sustain her practice in the the art of drawing and illustration and she recently dived in the world of pyrogrpahy art.


She has more recently got involved in several educational and collaborative projects that are cross-modal and inter-disciplinary. 

Iris believes that any creative process is essential for the development of the individual and the collective for it is a tool and more, a vital process for any kind of learning.